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Different options for different lifestyles.

Learn about the different electrified powertrain options and which best suits your personal lifestyle.


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Nissan Mild hybrid vehicles use a petrol engine drive the car with a lithium battery to help without the car being driven by motor. Built-in stop-start technology increases fuel efficiency by turning the engine off when the car is coasting reducing emissions and giving you a longer time with the engine off when stopped in traffic.

Models: The All-New Nissan Qashqai

Mild Hybrid

Mild Hybrid cars have improved fuel efficiency over normal petrol cars and also have better acceleration. They lower the emissions of the cars making the cars better for your pocket too.

The small battery regenerates when slowing down by capturing kinetic energy which is normally lost. Reusing this energy increases the fuel efficiency.

Mild Hybrid cars have the most in common with regular petrol engines and there is no period of “getting used to” as opposed to bigger changes. They drive similarly to what you are familiar with, without requiring charging or having to install a charger.


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Nissan Hybrid or “Self-Charging” Hybrid use a petrol engine in conjunction with a battery and motor to give you the best of both worlds. A petrol engine paired with an automatic gearbox will drive the car in some conditions while a lithium battery paired with an electric motor will look after your smaller & slower journeys.

Models: The All-New Nissan Juke


The battery is capable of driving the car using a powerful motor for short journeys around town and you have the backup of a petrol engine to look after your longer ones. The car doesn’t require charging as it will charge itself as you drive,both using regeneration and your petrol engine, so you only have to put petrol in it when you are running low.

Self-charging hybrids are another step along the electrification journey with some motor-driven driving and no gear changing. They give you some of the experience of a full electric drive but do not need to be charged.

Not everyone wants to put a charger in their house but still want to have the benefit of a hybrid vehicle. Hybrids drive better than petrol cars, with better acceleration, more power and smoother gear changes.


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Nissan ePower hybrid is a step ahead again with an engine providing power but no gearbox therefore giving an entirely motor-drive experience. There is no worrying about charging the vehicle but it gives you all of the benefits of an electric car.

Models: The All-New Nissan Qashqai and The All-New Nissan X-Trail


There is no jump between petrol engine and electric like a standard hybrid and no limitations on the distance you can drive because you simply refill the petrol at any petrol station as you’ve always done. You get the maximum benefit of both technologies which is perfect for larger cars and ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to be confined to using chargers.

A 4 wheel drive variant is available on the X-Trail called e-4orce which is a dual-motor solution where the 4 wheels each wheel can work independently to give the maximum control. The second motor controls the rear wheels and each can distribute the torque and braking for each wheel for all weather conditions.

Now you are fully electric driving but don’t have to worry about your range. A petrol engine is present, only to charge the battery, which is connected to the motor to turn the wheels. It means that you get a 100% electric driving experience without any need to ever charge the car.

100% Electric

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100% Electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and Nissan Ariya are powered totally by electricity. They can be charged at home by using a 3 pin plug or by installing a dedicated car charger and can also be charged on the public grid by either fast or rapid chargers. The size of the battery will be a big factor in the range of the vehicle which will be described in Kilowatt Hours (KwH).

Models: The Nissan Leaf and The All-New Nissan Ariya


A large battery gets charged and drives the car through a motor. There is no gearbox so there is no changing of gears and there is no engine so the car doesn’t use petrol/diesel/oil. The motor drives the car which gives much better, smoother acceleration and regenerates as you brake or go downhill.

Fully electric vehicles are great to drive and if they fit into your lifestyle can be the perfect vehicle for someone. Quieter, easier to drive, more reliable, easy access to home charging, great handling and very safe are just some of the benfits.

Say goodbye to engines as you are 100% electric powered.